Winter Services

Winter Store Hours
 By Chance

Winter Taxi
We provide a winter taxi service on Horseshoe Lake, via snowmobile, from the Marina or other local access points. Please contact the Marina for more information.

Permit Sales
Trail Permits are available at the store. Please respect the work that our local clubs put into making these trails operational by buying your permit where you ride. Every little bit helps the local clubs of the Parry Sound Snowmobile District. Remember, it is illegal to ride on the trails without a permit. 

Boat Storage
Boat storage includes exterior cleaning, changing of lower gear oil and draining water from inboard/outboards.

60 Point Inspection
We complete an inspection report card. If your boat has any problems, we contact you before hoisting it into storage. No spring surprises!

Spring Launch
Boats are vacuumed on the inside, power-washed on the outside and windows are cleaned. Your boat is started and tested once it is launched.

Cottage Opening and Closing
Your water system and pump are drained. We also can also look after shutters, furniture, boathouses and marking open water.

Cottage Check
How often we check is up to you. We look for downed or damaged hydro lines, fallen trees, broken or open windows or other obvious signs of damage or entry. You may also wish to have snow removed from your roof. A report of each visit and a digital picture of your cottage is sent to you within 24 hours. If anything appears out of the ordinary you'll be notified immediately. If any local liasing is required (i.e., Ontario Hydro), we are available to help.