Stained Glass

Looking for a new hobby or want to revive an old one? Maybe you'd like to try your hand at stained glass. Horseshoe Pines Glassworks would be more than happy to hook you up.

Stained Glass Supplies
We have glass, solder, lead-free solder, copper foil, glass cutters, groziers, fids, lathkins, flux, patina, finishing compound, soldering irons and tips, chain, nuggets jewels, bevels, books, night lights, flux brushes, wire, hooks, straight edges & lots more.

Beginners Class
Designed for individuals who have always wanted to try, but never had the opportunity. Upon completion, you will be the proud owner of a small sun catcher, ready for hanging in your sunniest window. Tools, glass and other supplies are provided. These classes can accomodate 4 or 5 students and are scheduled upon request. Cost is dependent on the project selected and the number of students per class.

Intermediate Workshops
Customized to your skill level and your project. Intended for individuals who know the basics of cutting glass and assembling a project using the copper foil technique and want to advance their skills. These are generally one-on-one classes and are scheduled on request. Individuals use their own tools and supplies.

Studio Time
If you have already worked with glass, but need a place to continue or complete a project, you can schedule time in the studio – a haven away from the turbulence of a full house (especially on rainy days). We have a selection of pattern and how-to books and magazines for your perusal.